Mold Detection Services Enlists MoldDogs in Miami

MIAMI, FL, July 30, 2003 – Two dogs rescued from the Humane Society are the newest addition to a full line of services offered by Miami-based Mold Detection Services, Inc.   

Completely unbiased and using their noses as cutting-edge technology, the MoldDogs, Snickers and Tootsie, are trained to discriminate scents from various types of microbial colonies in a variety of structures, including places where people cannot reach or see. 

By immediately pinpointing the source of the problem, the dogs can eliminate costly and invasive testing. Their results are immediate and accurate and can lead to lower remediation costs for property owners and insurers. 

Scent discrimination enables the MoldDog to ignore normal product materials found in the home so that it alerts only to mold. Immediately after the dog finds mold, the dog will alert the handler to the location.

MoldDogs receive more than 1,000 hours of training before put into service and, thereafter, are continuously trained on a daily basis, tested quarterly, and re-certified annually.

Brother and sister team David and Jennifer Leshner left their previous careers to invest in mold, an increasing problem in the Sunshine State. “I was watching Animal Planet one evening and there was a segment on mold sniffing dogs in Europe, where they have been used as a proven method for 20 years,” said David.  “I did some research and was surprised to find that no one offered a MoldDog service in South Florida, a place where mold wreaks havoc if left undetected.” 

Approximately 38 percent of U.S. households have mold, which can result in construction damage and health problems, particularly from the Stachybotrys strain, otherwise known as toxic mold.  A recent rash of high-profile mold cases, including a $20 million lawsuit by Ed McMahon claiming toxic mold killed his dog and a $32 million lawsuit won by a Texas family for illness and damages from mold, has greatly increased the public’s awareness of the problem. 

The Melina Bill, a federal bill introduced by Congressman John Conyers, Jr., would require a mold inspection before any federal home loan could be issued.  If passed by the U.S. Congress, it promises to increase the controversy and public awareness surrounding mold.   

Mold can grow anywhere that damp conditions exist and will start to grow in as little as 24 hours, gradually destroying whatever surface it is growing on. If allowed to fester, mold can destroy entire structures as well as cause severe health risks including infection, inflammation, and allergic reactions.

Aside from MoldDog services, MDS offers traditional methods of mold detection, including hygrometers, boroscopes, protimeters, laser particle counters, and air, bulk and surface sampling.  Services include basic inspections and follow-up testing (air samples, swabs and glass slides), followed by an extensive report. 

Tootsie and Snickers, despite their sugary sweet dispositions, promise to be a formidable foe to mold.  “The public’s reaction has been overwhelming,” added David.  “Our clients fall in love with the dogs every time.” 

Mold Detection Services, Inc. was founded on the premise of providing the best tools, technology, and service for detecting and identifying mold in any environment.  MDS will inspect and test for mold in homes, apartments, workplaces, commercial properties, boats, and anywhere else mold grows. 

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