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World's most expensive condo building is a mold 'slum'
The New York Post, Jan. 7, 2003

NEW YORK The world's most costly condominium building has become a mold 'slum' that millionaires are fleeing in droves.

The New York Post reported that one owner of a $10-million-plus condominium, Richard Kramer, in the 43-story tower in New York City has filed suit.

The residents are allegedly leaving behind in the building tabbed by the Post as the world's most expensive and in which the cheapest apartment/condominium sells for $8 million priceless artifacts they believe are contaminated with mold.

The suit against the developer of the building at 515 Park Avenue, the Zeckendorf brothers, alleges mold contamination in the building disabled Kramer's three-year-old daughter and his wife, and left the building an "opulent slum," the Post reported.

The suit claims building personnel did nothing to remediate the mold or its' alleged causes, which include leaky windows and pipes.

Another multimillion dollar lawsuit is pending against the developers as well as architects and contractors who built the tower.

The Post reported that all seven of the apartments and condominiums tested were found to be contaminated by mold, with mold levels in two so dangerous the owners had to move out immediately.

The report comes at a time when officials are still debating the health impacts of mold contamination and several states are considering caps on mold contamination insurance claims.

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