Mold Detection Services, Inc.

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Assessing the Problem

Mold Detection Services, Inc. of South Florida will inspect and test for mold in homes, apartments, workplaces, schools, commercial properties, boats, and anywhere else mold grows. A licensed assessor and indoor environmentalist, utilizing the best equipment available in the industry, will carry out every test and inspection. Consequently, our clients will receive the highest quality service.


Our services include a thorough inspection (utilizing an Infrared camera, laser particle counter and other high tech equipment) and follow-up testing (air samples, swabs and glass slides), accompanied by an extensive report. In addition, we will be working with a nationally recognized lab, dedicated to the production of accurate data, via high-quality equipment, and staffed with professionals specialized in this field. We will not be involved in the remediation of any mold problems, since this would be a conflict of interest. We do offer certified mold consulting services to help you through your remediation project.

What a Mold Inspection Is

A visual inspection is an important initial step in identifying a possible mold contamination problem. Ourur inspector uses a variety of high-quality equipment to detect mold indoor air quality and cleanliness of rooms.

Why You Should Have a Mold Assessment

  • Believe your health has been compromised in your home or workplace
  • Believe that the structural integrity of your home has been compromised i.e. a flood or a leak
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Why You Should Choose Mold Detection Services, Inc.

MDS, Inc. was founded on the premise that we would provide the best tools, technology, and service for detecting and identifying mold in any environment. Our only focus is to detect and identify mold, we DO NOT provide remediation services, since it would be a conflict of interest. Our equipment is routinely calibrated to provide you with the most accurate inspection possible.


After a complete and thorough inspection and testing, we provide each client with a detailed report. The Final Report contains the following:

Observations Made On the Day/Time Of the Inspection:

  • Licensed Mold Assessor Visual Observations
  • Humidity Readings
  • Temperature Readings
  • Moisture Readings
  • Boroscope Observations (If Necessary)
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Scan & Pictures
  • Post Remediation Verification

Please feel free to call us once your remediation is complete so we can provide post remediation verification to determine whether or not toxic black mold still exists.