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Mold toxicity test in Davie, FL.

Complete Mold Testing

Mold can be extremely dangers, especially if you have allergies or a compromised immune system, and it spreads quickly. If you suspect that you have mold on your property, turn to the experts at mold detection services. We offer complete mold testing in Davie, FL, to ensure your property is free from mold. We always start with a visual inspection to see if there are any visible signs of mold before taking samples for testing. Make an appointment today for indoor mold testing, so we can:

  • Assist with Finding Where Mold Is Growing
  • Identify the Types of Mold in Your Property
  • Test Air Quality by Measuring the Number of Spores in the Air
  • Test if Mold in Your Property has Been Fully Removed

Test Your Home for Mold

When testing for mold, there are three primary methods that we can use. These methods are: 

Surface Testing: Swabs the surfaces in your home to check for mold growth. The results are tested in a lab and can help us determine the location of mold in your property.

Bulk Testing: We physically remove a piece of your wall or floor and take it to be analyzed. This test helps to determine if you have mold as well as what type of fungus is growing. 

Air Testing: This is an air quality test to check the density of spores that are in your property’s air. This is especially important if you have been noticing respiratory problems with your family. 

Through these tests, we can determine how far the mold spreads into your property and what types of mold are growing. By knowing this information, we can start helping you plan remediation, as well as determine if you need to seek medical care.

Protecting Your Health

Mold and mildew can pose severe threats to the health of anyone in your property. There are many common illnesses caused by certain species of mold that can lead to problems with breathing and even death.

This is why we offer all our mold services. We take care of inspections along with our testing and provide consultations on what steps to take to deal with your mold. We also offer advice on how to prevent further outbreaks in the future. 

Contact us when you suspect your property may have mold in it and you need professional testing done. We proudly serve Broward County, FL, and the surrounding areas.